Adopt a Raptor
Foster Parents Needed!

Southern Maryland Audubon Society sponsors the banding of nestling birds of prey, or raptors, with serially numbered aluminum bands in cooperation with the USGS Bird Banding Laboratory, as part of our bird research and conservation activities in Southern Maryland. Limited numbers of Osprey, Barn Owl, American Kestrel, and Saw-whet Owls become available each year for adoption. Your donation toward a raptor adoption contributes to a special fund for the support of raptor research and raptor conservation projects.

Your support helps provide:

  • Barn Owl Nest Boxes
  • Osprey Nesting Platforms
  • Kestrel Nest Boxes
  • Mist Nets or Banding Supplies

Adopt your raptor online NOW using PayPal. You may adopt more than one:

Osprey Adopt Now – $10
Barn Owl Adopt Now – $25
Northern Saw-whet Owl Adopt Now – $30
American Kestrel Adopt Now – $35

General Donation to Raptor Fund

I would like this donation to automatically repeat each month for one year

The foster parent receives:

  • A certificate of adoption with the number of the USGS band and the location and date of the banding.
  • Information on the ecology and migration patterns of the species.
  • A photo of one nestling. With a Saw-whet Owl adoption you will receive a photo of an adult Saw-whet Owl.
  • Any other available information on the whereabouts or fate of the bird.

Adopt by Check and Mail:
Please click HERE. A pdf file will open in a new window for printing of our Adopt-a-Raptor Form.