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Nest Cams

Thank goodness for the Internet and nest cameras. By tuning in, anyone can watch nature close up, no matter what their location or physical abilities! Sometimes sponsors offer a chat function, whereby users can ask questions and learn even more.

Southern Maryland Audubon Society, in partnership with Port Tobacco River Conservancy and the Charles County Recreation and Parks, now has an Eagle Nest cam at Port Tobacco River Park. The nest is active beginning in winter, through about mid-June, when the nestlings fledge. See our homepage for real-time video!

Here are some other popular nest cam websites you might like, too.

National Audubon Society sponsors popular cams trained on Osprey, cranes, puffins, terns, and many more at

Cornell Lab of Ornithology offers peeks into the lives of Red-tailed Hawks, owls, kestrels, albatrosses, Bermuda Petrels, and others at hosts dozens of cameras all over the world. Their bird action features owls, Osprey, hummingbirds, falcons, and lots more at

American Eagle Foundation has five Eagle cams at

Wild Birds Unlimited sponsors a Barred Owl cam at

Wild Streaming, which hosts the SMAS Eagle cam, also shows Osprey and Peregrine Falcon nests in Richmond, Virginia, at