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Choose the links below for video recordings of Southern Maryland Audubon Society programs.

Restoring Common Terns & Black Skimmers in Maryland

Dr. David Curson leads a discussion about Common Terns and Black Skimmers, two species endangered in the state of Maryland. He describes a new project that provides artificial nesting sites for these beach-nesting seabirds. Since 2004 David Curson has worked as Director of Bird Conservation for Audubon Maryland-DC. (Live program held January 6, 2021.)

Ghana: Birds, Butterflies & Mammals

Gwen Brewer and George Jett discuss their fascinating safari to Ghana, West Africa. Gwen manages the science program for rare species at the Maryland Department of Natural Resources and George Jett is an avid nature photographer, formerly of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. (Live program held December 2, 2020.)

Climate Change in Autumn: Fruit Availability and Migrant Birds

Dr. Amanda Gallinat studies plants, birds, and their interactions. She discusses her research on climate change and invasive plants. How do they affect fruit availability for migratory birds in autumn? (Live program held November 4, 2020.)

Farmland Raptor Program and Pest Control

Ornithologist Chris Eberly (of Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership) describes the birds of prey we can help by building nest boxes and reducing pesticide use on our farmlands! In turn, Barn Owls, American Kestrels, Northern Harriers, and Short-eared Owls can all help control pests. He also talks about another species that needs our support—the Chimney Swift. (Live program held October 7, 2020.)

Mystical Monarchs: Migration & Conservation of the Monarch Butterfly

Naturalist, gardener, and longtime Monarch enthusiast Mike Callahan describes the lifecycle and 2,000-mile migration of this amazing butterfly. Monarch populations have seriously declined, but you can help! Learn how. (Live program held September 24, 2020.)

Awesome Possumz!

Karen Brace, an expert on the Virginia Opossum, introduces the only marsupial in the USA & Canada. Special guest star is her ambassador possum, Stuart! (Live program held September 2, 2020.)