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New Scholarship for Black and Latinx Birders in MD and DC!

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On August 17, 2020, the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership announced a new scholarship to help Black and Latinx students! We are excited because, just as biodiversity strengthens ecosystems, our community and environmental conservation are stronger with greater diversity! Please share this opportunity with birders studying environmental or biological sciences. Using the links below you can learn more AND you can contribute to the scholarship fund! Here are snippets from the press release:

“Annual Scholarship for Black and Latinx Birders of Maryland & DC aims to increase the number of Black birders and Latinx birders studying in the fields of environmental science or the biological sciences. This brand new fund is unlike any other in the Maryland and DC area because it is for birders seeking higher education. (Birders are people who are passionate about bird watching.) 

“An independent committee of Maryland and DC birders and bird conservationists was formed with the intention of developing a scholarship fund that would benefit Black and Latinx birders in any year of their undergraduate studies. The committee is now part of the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership and is actively fundraising to increase the amount of each award. Two scholarships will be awarded each year. Scholarship awards range from a minimum of $2,500 to a maximum of $5,000, depending on funding for the current year. The intent of the committee is to establish this scholarship for decades to come in support of birders studying in the fields of environmental or biological sciences.”


Southern Maryland Audubon Society is thrilled to announce it has donated to this new scholarship fund! Please let your friends and family know that this resource is available for Black and Latinx college students.