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Earth, Wine & Fire! 2nd Annual Audubon Adventure Tour, 2018

Earth, Wine & Fire—our October 20, 2018 fundraiser—was a fabulous SMAS event!  It began on a grey fall day with a lively group of nature enthusiasts gathered at Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum (JPPM). As we set out for a leisurely 2.5 mile private hike through open fields, wooded trails, and raised boardwalks above the marsh, the skies began to clear and birds began to sing. We were greeted by a flock of golden-crowned kinglets, warblers, and nuthatches foraging in the cedars!

The tour, led by Julie with JPPM, explored various Native American, colonial, and post-colonial settlements including the Native American village and grounds of the Jefferson Patterson house. JPPM is a lovely venue to observe birds and other wildlife, a nature lover’s dream.

The festivities continued nearby at Perigeaux Vineyards & Winery where we enjoyed a special wine tasting and dined on delicious French cuisine. Perigeaux welcomes the nature around them and birds are often seen flitting through the grapevines. Deer, bats, owls, and even turkeys are known to visit as well.

Perigeaux’s winemaker and co-owner, John Behun, treated us to a tour through the vineyard and winery. He patiently answered our many questions; we learned a lot about winemaking from growing the grapes, harvesting, and producing wine. After the tour, we returned to the tasting room to enjoy (more) wine and live music. We gathered around the bonfire and watched the sun set over the Patuxent River; what a beautiful ending to a wonderful day!