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Think Like a Raven: Monthly Meeting Zoom Talk

Wednesday, Feb. 7, 2024. 7-8 p.m. ZOOM

Common Ravens were identified as a breeding species for the first time ever in Charles County last year and sightings are becoming more frequent. Dr. John Marsluff, a professor at the University of Washington College of the Environment and a top authority on Ravens, will discuss his fascinating research in Yellowstone Park. His work provides insight on what we can expect from Ravens as they expand their range in Southern Maryland.
Dr. Marsluff studies the impact of habitat change, fragmentation and increased urbanization on birds. He focuses primarily on corvids, but has worked with falcons and hawks throughout the world. He is the author of several science books about crows, including his most recent “Gifts of the Crow.” He has been awarded the HR Peyton award from the Cooper Ornithological Society as well as the the Washington state book award for general non-fiction.

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Common Raven in Yellowstone National Park by Molly Moore